Monday, October 13, 2014

Stone: Eclipse Stone/Bumble Bee Jasper

Eclipse Stone/Bumble Bee Jasper - Image by Sonatona

Country of Origin: Indonesia, Australia

General information: Eclipse Stone, also known by the name of Bumble Bee Jasper, comes from volcanic vents on the islands of Bali in Indonesia and Australia. 

Physical Properties: This is silicon dioxide stone containing sulphur, hematite, ilmenite, and other volcanic mineral inclusions. Eclipse stones are characterized by the vivid yellow, orange, and black striped markings/bands with off-white to grey undulating patterns.  

Metaphysical properties: Eclipse stone helps to remove energy blocks from the sacral and solar plexus chakras, thus bringing forth one's creativity. It helps to increase one's physical vitality and the sulphur content supports the physical body in fighting infections. 


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  3. My sister bought me a tear drop shaped piece which I really love but I never knew it's metaphysical property included creativity until I read your page....