Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stone: Wild Horse Jasper

Wild Horse Jasper - Image by Sonatona

Country of Origin: Eastern Oregon, Western Idaho

General information: Wild Horse Jasper is one of the many varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz, which included others such as agates, chalcedony and various other jasper. he name Wild Horse Jasper is derived from the location in which it is mined, at the Wild Horse Canyon in Oregon. Mohr hardness is 7.

Physical Properties: Wild Horse Jasper is a member of the Picture Jasper family and is very rich in color combination of grays, tans, dark browns, and reds. These combinations of colors create stunning scenic landscape patterns much like that of Owyhee Jasper and other Picture Jasper varieties. 

Metaphysical properties: Wild Horse Jasper is considered to be a protective stone and is said to align our chakras and balancing the ying yand energies within our body. It is also believed to help with spiritual communication and can help you achieve balance in your life. This stone activates with Third Eye chakra, and the Root chakra. 

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