Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stone: Coffee Bean Jasper

Coffee Bean Jasper - Image by Sonatona

Country of Origin: Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan and Uruguay. 

General information: The various shades/colors of coffee give this gemstone its name. Traditionally, it is revered that it is a stone that cherishes and nurtures the well-being of its carrier in all ways. It is also considered to be a sacred stone, as it protects its carrier from the negativity of earth. Ancient Egyptians whispered it to be an arrowhead of love as well as protection. In the medieval period, this stone was worn as a talisman.  

Physical Properties: Coffee Bean Jasper is so unique in its qualities that no two pieces of this stone seem to be alike. It is said to be the gemstone of fortification as well as grounding. It possesses the color of coffee which further contains blotches of grayish, blacking rust as well as wine. This stone is a variety of Chalcedony, and is opaque as it contains impure varieties of silica.

Metaphysical properties: Coffee Bean Jasper is thought to be the gem of protection and grounding that is known to associate with the vitality of the world. It tends to open and resonate within the base/root chakra. This jasper is said to be the foundation of corporeal and spiritual energy, and frequently contributes to independence and spontaneous leadership.

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  1. Prettiest Gemstone which i always use to wear and have a collection of it.