Sunday, February 18, 2018

Stone: Larimar

Larimar - Image by Sonatona

Country of Origin: It is found only in a limited deposit in the Dominican Republic. 

General Information: Larimar is a blue variety of the mineral Pectolite. Pectolite is not a rare mineral and is found throughout the world, but the exquisite sea-blue color exhibited in the Larimar variety is very unique, and only comes from one place in the world.

Physical Properties: The color of Larimar is caused by copper inclusions. Its color is rarely solid; it is almost always blue with interconnecting white lines and rough circles. A radiating pattern of crystal needles can often be observed within the Larimar. The blue color can vary in intensity from very light to greenish-blue to deep sky blue. Deeper blue colors and less white are more desirable.

Metaphysical properties: Larimar is also known as 'the Atlantis stone', based on old legends which claim that the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost city of Atlantis. This association makes Larimar very important in the world of metaphysical gems. It is believed that the energy of Larimar can help to enhance spirituality and communication. It is a stone which is able to soothe emotions, cool tempers and alleviate stress, bringing a feeling of calmness to its wearer. This stone works best with the heart, crown and throat chakras. 

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